What is DMCA Ignore hosting?

The web hosting service that will accept DMCA or illegal content is called a DMCA ignored hosting. We all know generally almost any web hosting provider does not accept or support DMCA or illegal contents because that leads to legal problems or complaints against the company and the company will all be responsible for your contents.

Considering this, If you still host a website or content that is illegal, such companies instantly take-down your site or suspend your account within 24 hours after notifying you by email. This is the very primary reason many webmasters do not want to host such websites or contents with those web hosts which act as jury and suspend the accounts.

Is DMCA Ignore hosting real?

Hosts that Ignore DMCA complaints mean it’s not that the company will completely deal with the DMCA complaint. It also doesn’t mean that they will ignore the complaint. But you will be responsible for the complaint and they will forward the complaint to you, being the website owner, you’ll need to deal with the complainant. These hosts don’t care whether you resolve the issue or not. They’ll not suspend your web hosting or domain name just because some third-party including police, lawmakers, or copyright firms send them a complaint against you. Many of the web hosts that ignore DMCA complaint will require a court order (from their defined jurisdiction) to suspend your website or email. Thus your websites and domains are safe with them until you do something very nasty.

Who is the best DMCA Ignore hosting?

The best and most trusted DMCA Ignore hosting providers are:

#1. Hostchilly.com

Hostchilly is the best and trustworthy provider in offering complete offshore hosting solutions starting from Shared servers to VPS servers having servers located in the Netherlands. If you have the following requirements, then you can host websites with Hostchilly:

– Looking to host their data hosted outside of their own country;

– For those who do not want their data or identity shared with third parties;

– For those who want to express their themselves through freedom of speech;

– For those who want to host adult, gambling, and movie websites, etc