How To Boost your Website speed 3x extra More?

How To Boost your Website speed 3x extra More?

Hello, This article helps you to increase your website speed up.

The trend of websites are increasing now a days. Everyone is using websites for many purposes likes own business, profile etc.
So big question is everyone ask after creating a site  that How to speed up my website ?

How To Boost your Website speed 3x extra More?

Today in this article I will tell you the step by step procedure to speed up your website.
Below is the list of the main point to take care of to improve your web page speed.

  • Optimize Database
  • Use robots.txt
  • Enable Gzip Compression

Optimize Database

If you want to improve the speed of site then database optimization plays an important role.
How to Optimise Mysql data in Cpanel?

cPanel > PhpMyAdmin > Select the Database > Select all the tables > Optimize & Repair Tables.

Use robots.txt

robots.txt is basically used to block bot attacks.
How to use robots.txt?

Just Add robots.txt File to block unwanted bot access (Create a file under public_html with name robots.txt )
with following contents
User-Agent: *

This will also block google crawl bot that you never want so to allow only the google bot to your site add following contents in robots.txt
User-Agent: Googlebot
Allow: /

Enable Gzip Compression

Gzip filter compress all the static files to maximize the performance and speed of site.
To enable Gzip filter go to cPanel > Optimize Website > 2nd Option > Save the settings.