4 Best Tips To Decide Domain Name Of Your Blog

 Domain Name is a very crucial part of any website or blog. Good domain name can also help you in improving your search rankings apart from making a brand out of the blog/website. So undoubtedly deciding domain namebecomes the most important factor. But for a newbie it becomes a cumbersome task to decide domain name and he/she is more likely to make some mistakes.

Before deciding a domain name, sit back and think about following points:- 

  • What is your niche?
  • Who are your targeted readers?
  • What is your aim?
  • Why do you want to create a blog?
  • Whom image do you want to portray online yourself or your blog?

Yes, answering these questions might pull you off, but don’t worry, they will certainly help you in a long run, just carry a notebook and list down all those answers. Now these answers will decide the course of your blog, including its domain name. But before that scribble down some words/phrases that you think would suit to your domain name.

Now based on your answers, I will tell you what will be your domain name like:

  1. Answering first question, you have decided two things- What will you write about? and What your domain should portray? So select a domain name which best depicts your niche. For e.g your niche is “technology” then words like geek, tech etc would be best suited.
  2. By deciding who your targeted readers will be, you can decide how your domain name will be like. For e.g your targeted readers are teens, then your domain name should have some degree of wildness and aggression. Words like devil,crazy,hacks could be of use here.
  3. If your aim is to offer stuffs for free, then surely your domain should include “Free”.
  4. Answering this question is different from answering the above question, the answers may include Make Money, Just For Fun, Its My Hobby, My Favorite Time Pass. These answers can also influence your domain name. Although not necessary but if possible try to choose a domain name which points to answers of this question.
  5. This is one of the most important factor while deciding domain name. If your answer is “I want to portray myself” i.e “I want people to know that it is me who is doing all this great stuff”. Then your domain name must include your name. It can be something like this: web4duniya.com

Well these points might not give you exact name of domain, but certainly can help you through the process of deciding Domain Name.